Track key performance indicators

Possession of information and the ability to analyze it is critical for any modern entrepreneur. Introducing a convenient tool to track key performance indicators of your business: sales, advertising, KPI, finance and much more.

Track the key performance indicators (KPI)

Track KPI in realtime

Our company deals with setting up and implementing a system for tracking KPI, extends the capabilities of the monitoring of key performance indicators in the following areas:

  • Track sales: sales chart with segmentation by product category, the managers, the implementation schedule of sales, broken down by month, the comparison periods
  • The effectiveness of advertising campaigns: Sources attract customers, conversion channels, calculation CPC, CTR, CPA per channel
  • Track call-center performance: waiting time, the productivity of each manager, peak loads

How does it work?

The process of developing and implementing the system intelligence consists of several stages:

1. Creation of the tech specification

What metrics you want to track? Which means the collection of statistics and analytics are already used? What data is collected? How best to collect and process?.

2. Build your business dashboard

Creating the necessary types of graphs to display specific data, creating a service to upload and aggregation of data, setting up employee access.

3. System deployment

Documentation of the system, helping your staff how to use it, analyze and monitor the system.